More than £200 billion of aid has been poured into Africa since 1970, but average incomes across large swathes of the continent have either remained the same or fallen. Hand outs, no matter how carefully they are distributed, do not always work.

Five Talents UK enables the rural poor to set up and grow sustainable small businesses. We provide innovative savings schemes, small loans, and business training for the enterprising poor. It’s microfinance for the marginalised. And we know it makes a difference. We have supported nearly 80,000 clients via our network of local partners in East Africa. Our clients have dignity, determination, and know that we genuinely care.

By the end of 2020, we aim to reach 250,000 clients and through the impact on their lives, their dependants and their local communities, bring benefit to over 1.2 million individuals. To reach this figure, we’ll need to accelerate our current rate of growth, and for that we need your help.