Photographer & Designer

Adam is a development photographer and designer based in London, working in the UK, East Africa and Asia.

10 years ago Adam founded Taking Pictures, Changing Lives - a global team of photographers, writers and filmmakers, working with charities in some of the poorest countries in the world. Telling the untold stories of people in need around the world. And helping the charities that support them raise money for their life-changing work.

Taking Pictures, Changing Lives have made over 70 visits to charity projects and partners on 4 continents, flown 20 times round the world, (to the moon and back!) spent more than 17 months abroad documenting the work of 25 small charities working in 15 countries and gifted over 60,000 photos to those charities. These charities are helping whole communities out of poverty, restoring dignity and lost hope.

Adam has been involved with Five Talents since 2010 and has visited our clients in Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania on a number of occasions to document their stories with his photos, many of which are used on this site. He is also involved in maintaining our website and producing print materials including the Annual Reports. 

Taking Pictures, Changing Lives - www.changinglives.photo

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