Charles Eve

"Like many people I wore a white bracelet for the Make Poverty History campaign, however, I was frustrated and wanted to do more than simply wear a band. I was very interested when I heard about Five Talents as it addresses 3 key issues that are important to me.
(1) Microfinance is wealth creating, (2) the money goes directly where it is needed most, and (3) it embraces the important Christian principles of helping the meek and the poor. It is a pleasure to be part of this fast-growing charity and using my talents to lend 'talents' to the active poor. I would highly recommend anyone interested to go on one of the 5T "Business as mission" trips. I went on one to Uganda - we are changing peoples lives."

Charles is a Managing Director at Goldman Sachs and has worked for the Investment Bank for over 20 years. For most of that time he traded Convertible Bonds but he spent 5 years in Japan running their Equity Division in Tokyo and returned with his family in 2003. Charles is currently Head of Compliance for Europe, Middle East and Africa. He completed an Alpha course in 2003.

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