My visit to the “Three Wise Women”

“Thank you, please keep supporting this work…” Angelina

These are not my words but those of Angelina, Halima and Christina in Iringa, Tanzania.  On 25th November, 2014, I was stood with them some 6,771 miles away from where I am now sitting in my home office typing this note to you.  They are saying these words to YOU, our faithful supporters.  Thanks to YOU, they have been able to develop their talents, reach for their dreams and encourage their children with better education and a clear understanding of what enterprise looks like.

Do you like your money to work hard? 
Are you concerned that your gift is building dependency?
Would you like to lift whole households out of poverty?
Do you think people are creative?

If you answered YES to these questions, then Five Talents is a good fit for you.  We encourage creativity, hard work, good stewardship and the uplifting of whole households and communities.

“I was idle, and I didn’t want to be.  Now, thanks to Five Talents and Mama Bahati I have work.  I am busy and I can help my family.  They have helped me with my business ideas and loans so I can get started and grow. ”  Halima

The hand up that Mama Bahati Foundation in Tanzania gives to the 5,349 women they work with maintains their dignity and gives hope.  The work has helped replace idleness with enterprise.  People wanted to work, but they needed help to build their own small businesses to serve others around them.  In fact, across all the partners of Five Talents UK in 2014, we were able to help 21,241 people, over 3,000 more than at the start of the year.  So, as we head into a celebration of Christmas with thankful hearts, let us also celebrate alongside the faithful, hardworking men and women in our wider Five Talents family.  You have given a priceless gift to our clients this year – hope and a future – something that will not be taken away from them easily.  Happy Christmas,

Love and blessings,


PS:  To see what Christina gets up to, click here to see a short video…