A Year On From the 2017 Big Give Appeal: Kenya

This blog was written by our Creative Communications & Events Officer, Megan Henderson.

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For the 2017 Big Give we asked you to help over 6,700 families in Kenya, as the drought ravaged their crops making life in many regions even more difficult. Malnutrition was widespread, and the government declared it a national emergency.

Last year we introduced you to Esther, from Nakuru. Before the drought she could grow 27 bags of maize on her farm, but as the drought worsened and weather conditions grew poor she could barely grow 10 bags.

Esther and the members of her community were forced to survive on one meal a day, but she always remained hopeful. For Esther, having a safe place to save became incredibly important, as she would have to rely on her savings to see her through the terrible drought, as well as other emergencies and crises. Thanks to her savings, Esther was able to to take a loan from her Five Talents Trust Group, which she used to buy a water tank to help get her through the dry season. She no longer requires assistance from government aid.

Because of you, thousands of farmers like Esther have become more capable of handling crises. They are saving more, buying water tanks, and starting new businesses to see them through the next drought.

“We’ve formed 6 completely new Groups in Embu and Nakuru in the first few months of 2018 and continued to train and support our existing 94 Trust Groups, meaning so many more families will now be protected in the next drought too. Thank you for giving these communities hope and security for the future,” said Eva Karani, local partner in Baringo, Kenya.

Esther’s cow grazing.

Esther’s cow grazing.

Today, Esther is thriving. She can afford to take her children to school, and can access medical care for them when she needs to. She continues to dream big for her farm, and is proudly supporting her family. We’re happy to support people like Esther, to grow their businesses and support their families.

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