Eiber, Bolivia

Eiber with his family.

Eiber with his family.

Eiber learned the art of sandal making from his uncle. Over time he grew in his confidence, and with the help of Five Talents and his local savings group, he eventually launched his own shoe business.

Today Eiber oversees several employees and produces a variety of high quality leather shoes.

“I believe that the craftsman is an artist…The most difficult part of my job is making the soles. It requires a lot of strength and patience.”

Both Eiber and his wife are members of a Five Talents savings group in Tarija, Bolivia. Over the years the group has been a great source of encouragement, and the group loans enabled Eiber to start and build his business to what it is today.

“Now that I am a member of a savings group, I can help other people to bring together capital that they need. This makes me very happy,” Eiber says.

Being part of a group has helped Eiber to grow financially as well as spiritually. Today he is proud to use his talents to be a blessing to others.

“I know that the greatest of my investments, the greatest of my jobs, is to be a husband [to my wife] and a father to my children,” he says.

This story was written by staff in our Five Talents USA office. Find out more about how you can support entrepreneurs like Eiber, either as an individual giver or as an organisation. There is so much you can do to help!