Individual giving

We provide our members with the infrastructure and training to kickstart their enterprising nature. Donations used with our group-savings programmes provide the marginalised poor with simple bank accounts for the first time, business training and literacy & numeracy training. If you choose to donate money online your payment will be securely processed by Charity Checkout.

Compared to many larger faith-led charities which have been around for decades, we are a small, agile organisation. We work with a very close network of partner organisations on the ground that allows for a personal touch with our members. The same goes for our donors. If you pick up the phone or send off an email, you can be sure that we’ll get right back to you. If you’d like to see the work we do, we often take donors out to visit our projects.


We urge all of our supporters to consider monthly donations to charity, it allows us to plan for the future and lets us evaluate how many programmes we can start during any given year. Whilst we happily accept cheques and cash, when you donate money to charity online it allows us to minimise the amount of admin, meaning that your generosity has the greatest impact.

£5 p/m

covers the daily salary of one of our programme field staff who will form savings groups, deliver training, make loans, and give mentoring and oversight to our entrepreneurs whilst also reporting progress back to us in the UK.

£20 p/m

covers the cost of one training session in our Kenyan programme, enabling a member of our local staff to visit a community and provide business skills training as well as mentoring and pastoral support. 

£50 p/m

will cover the cost of training a new Project Officer each of whom equip and teach around 300 women per year to expand their businesses and ultimately equip them to lift themselves and their families households out of poverty.

One-off gifts

One-off donations will allow us to continue supporting our country programmes. We appreciate every penny that our supporters generously donate. If you’d like to donate online please click here and change the drop down menu to “one-off.” If you would like to give cash or cheque you can post them to Five Talents UK.

Writing a will

We would like to encourage all of our supporters to write a will. Doing so will save your loved ones time and effort in the future.

If you are interested, we also welcome people leaving a legacy to Five Talents.

Find out about how to write or amend an existing will.

Join a Giving Group

If you have a heart for a particular project - we’d love you to join one of our Giving Groups. After a time-limited period of funding (typically five years) our programmes become fully self-sustaining without financial support from Five Talents. You (and your friends, family, company, church, social club etc.) can join a Giving Group - pledging to give an annual donation to a programme until it becomes fully self-sustaining. When you pledge money to a programme we make sure you stay up to date on that programme’s progress through regular updates and, if you like, project visits. Some of our Butere Giving Group members cut the ribbon at the programme’s official launch in Kenya! You'll have a personal connection with the programme through your Giving Group, and the incredible satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped a whole region (typically 2,500 families) move from start to sustainability. Contact us to learn more about Giving Groups - and read more about the impact you could have here.

“Five Talents has a proven track record in helping people to lift themselves out of poverty. I know, because I have seen their expansion over eight years. Now donors have a chance to invest in something more. If you commit to provide the same sum every year for five years, you can help establish a whole programme in Kenya, supporting thousands of individuals, become self-sufficient. I helped to get the first one going and lots more are planned. Five Talents needs donors who commit for five years to an investment in people’s lives, giving rural communities dignity and self-sufficency.” - Nigel Wildish, Kericho Giving Group