Corporate charity partnerships

Donate as a business

Relationships between small businesses and charities can be fun and should be mutually beneficial. It’s more than just about writing a cheque. When we start corporate charity partnerships we always aim to engage staff members and get them thinking more critically. That means drawing upon their skills and expertise to help Five Talents enhance our work and the work of our local partners.

Microfinance is an enterprise solution to poverty and as such lends itself to corporate engagement. We currently have a number of organisations big and small who are involved via corporate and staff donations (including payroll giving); visits to microfinance projects to sharing skills and develop new ones; and the provision of professional expertise and specialist services.

While some organisations prefer anonymity, some of the companies, corporations, and foundations engaged in a charity partnership with Five Talents UK can be found on our thank you page

1% goes a long way

We’re advocates of the 1-1-1 theory that encourages companies of all sizes to donate 1% of their profits, products and time to philanthropic causes. Many of our donors are small business owners who recognise the importance of financial inclusion and the day-to-day struggle of small business.

We are also grateful to a number of organisations who have chosen to make larger corporate donations which have allowed us to seed entirely new five-year programmes.  All of our projects focus on championing enterprise. As an organisation, we can offer UK companies the chance to help our members get their business off the ground. We invite companies to get involved via regular donations, pro-bono work opportunities, breakfast meetings, lunchtime seminars, trips overseas and fundraising events.

Find out how your support of Five Talents can bring value to your business, your staff and your customers by contacting us here.


We are currently seeking individuals and organisations who could provide pro-bono work in the spheres of fundraising, PR, marketing, or PPC. However, we are always open to offers of pro-bono work from any sector. To hear more about any the above, please contact our team. Because we're a small team we'll be able to get straight back to you and can promise to never put you on hold!

Join a Giving Group

If you have a heart for a particular project - we’d love you to join one of our Giving Groups. After a time-limited period of funding (typically five years) our programmes become fully self-sustaining without financial support from Five Talents. Your company (and your friends, family, church, social club etc.) can join a Giving Group - pledging to give an annual donation to a programme until it becomes fully self-sustaining. When you pledge money to a programme we make sure you stay up to date on that programme’s progress through regular updates and, if you like, project visits. Some of our Butere Giving Group members cut the ribbon at the programme’s official launch in Kenya! You'll have a personal connection with the programme through your Giving Group, and the incredible satisfaction of knowing you’ve helped a whole region (typically 2,500 families) move from start to sustainability. Contact us to learn more about Giving Groups - and read more about the impact you could have here.