Democratic Republic of Congo

The need in Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) is immense. The country has suffered from the deadliest outbreak of Ebola in history, civil war, and political unrest. Despite an abundance of natural resources and over $24 trillion in mineral wealth, the average resident survives on barely a dollar per day. Five Talents UK started the DRC programme in 2018, in partnership with the Diocese of Aru, Five Talents US and World Concern.

The programme will focus first on literacy and numeracy training before groups move on to traditional savings & loans groups. Our Programme Coordinator Irene has successfully trained 60 facilitators to begin forming groups in Aru and start training.

The Programme

There are currently 4.5 million internally displaced people in DRC. Sadly conflict is ongoing in many regions, although Aru itself is currently peaceful and the local communities there are desperate for our combination of literacy, business skills training, savings and loans groups. Our CEO Rachel visited the programme in 2018 and received an enthusiastic welcome from new members (see video on right)!

Our trainers have already formed quite a few groups, and currently there are over 1,700 participants receiving literacy training. We are continuing to mobilize our community leaders to serve Aru. These leaders are also providing groups with trauma counselling and becoming gender-based violence champions to combat violence against women.

Where to next?

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