Visit the Five Talents financial inclusion programme in Kenya and see for yourself how it changes lives - spend time with some of the 14,500 beneficiaries who access our savings, loans and business skills training.

View the video below to find out about Five Talents UK's work in East Africa and how it impacts the communities you'll be running through. You can also read more about our model, impact, and clients on our main site.


We ask that each runner raises a suggested amount of £1000, every pound of which will remain in Kenya, impacting the lives of communities like the ones you'll be running through.

Over the course of the year we have been providing our runners with fundraising tips and help setting up donation pages. For runners who opt for shorter distances, we are happy to relax our suggested fundraising total a little, though every little helps!

For more details, visit our FAQs or feel free to contact us.


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Meet a client: Lucy Mjuki Mwikaria

Lucy and her family live in a village in Embu County, in central Kenya - an area where Five Talents has been working for the past six years. Without any reliable income, her children were not always able to attend school and Lucy was worried that like her, they may never complete secondary school.

As soon as she joined the group Lucy began saving the little she could and after 6 months had saved £17 - enough to borrow a loan. Lucy used the loan to build a small wooden shop which she has now grown into a Macadamia nut business using subsequent loans. ‘The savings are a security for me. I felt great when I paid back my first loan and it motivated me to take out my second loan.’

Today, Lucy’s nut businesses is flourishing. At the moment she buys nuts from the farmers and sells them on to the Kenya Nut Company but she has aspirations to work for the company collecting nuts from the ‘middle men’ like herself.

‘As well as being able to pay school fees I now have a cow that provides milk for my family and I even have some extra to sell so I don’t need to buy milk anymore. From the training given by Five Talents I can now budget my money and do a cost analysis for my small business to see where I am making profit.’