Why We've teamed up with the UN's Global Goals


The UN recognises that without access to financial services, many are unable to increase their incomes at all. Access to economic services such as microfinance is therefore included within a clause of this particular goal.

At Five Talents, we believe that an increased income is vital, not as a goal in itself, but to give people dignity and choice in how they support themselves. For many in our programmes, this may be as simple as being able to invest in their child’s education, build a well to access safe water or visit the doctor when they are sick. In terms of good reasons to get out of bed and train for a marathon, this is pretty high on the list.

By 2030, the UN hopes to have eliminated all discrimination, violence, and all 'harmful practices, such as child, early and forced marriage and female genital mutilations'. 

Once a woman earns an income, her decision-making power at home and in the wider community increases. This means she is no longer forced to depend on her husband and her children are more likely to go to school and to receive nutritious and regular meals. In some areas where Five Talents works, there are particular issues facing women such as female genital mutilation or gender-based violence. Here our partners work closely with the whole community to teach about the positive role women can play and to teach women about their rights. Any money you raise will have a serious impact on the communities in Kericho, Kenya, where the majority of our clients are women.

Our financial inclusion strategy is a powerful tool in the struggle for sustained and sustainable economic growth. Using country specific social impact surveys, we ensure that any funds you raise are used to help the most needy and excluded within communities.

Some of those that we work with have been dependent on food aid for many years - reliant on these hand outs but with no hope of feeding their own families. Changing mindsets and showing communities that they can use the skills, trust and small pockets of money they already have to increase their incomes is a big part of our work. Whether you raise £1000 or go wild and raise ten times that, you'll be providing the community of Iringa with a helping hand, not a hand out.