Samson, Kenya


Samson, like many of our clients, started small, but dreamed BIG!

Samson lives in the bustling rural village of Thungururu about an hours drive out of Thika, Kenya. His first job was in the local animal feed shop; it was a steady job with a regular income but Samson had big dreams. 

He joined the Five Talents savings group and took on his first loan worth 20,000 Ksh to improve his home. Samson saved his money for over 10 years, with a good credit record, and the trust of other group members, Samson was able to borrow enough money to buy the feed shop from his employer!


Samson introduced us to his daughter. He proudly told us his most recent loan was approved for 200,000 Ksh. He has used the loan to restock his feed shop.

“Without the business lessons I had and the chance to save locally my big dream would still be just that.”

This story was collected by members of our UK team while visiting our Kenyan programmes in 2018. Find out more about how you can support entrepreneurs like Samson, either as an individual giver or as an organisation. There is so much you can do to help!