Current priorities

Five Talents UK is a relatively small organisation and our model varies from country to country depending on the needs of our clients. We are constantly striving to improve our efficacy and efficiency.

To this end, you can read our current list of priorities below.

1. Seeding new programmes

Since the start of 2016, the UK team’s focus has been quite simple: to build on the robust, reliable and replicable model that has been honed over ten years by our local staff in Kenya.  

With that in mind, our plans for the future are equally focused – to exit sustainable, mature programmes and start new ones. In 2016 that was achieved when we celebrated the Thika programme’s move to become a Savings and Credit Co-operative and started work in Morogoro, Tanzania and Kericho, Kenya. In 2017 expansion continued with new Ugandan and Kenyan programmes.

We also exited the programme in Iringa, Tanzania which to date, has impacted the lives of over 10,000 women whilst continuing to support our fledgeling programmes elsewhere in the country.

Early in 2018 we began a brand new programme in Aru, DR Congo and by the end of the year we launched a new programme in Butere, Kenya.

2. Building resilience

Without the right staff in East Africa and in London, growth is impossible. In preparation for the future, we have succession plans in place and training programmes for up and coming members of staff. 

Staff of our Kenya partners undergo training on the new Musoni System

Staff of our Kenya partners undergo training on the new Musoni System

3. Building donor consortiums

2016 was the year when all of our learning came together as we launched our first ‘Five Year Start to Sustainability’ programme in Kericho, Kenya. A typical programme costs £60,000 per annum for five years, and takes the best elements of our past experience and addresses some of the mistakes we’ve inevitably made in the last 10 years. 

In London, one of our main priorities is building the number of 'donor consortiums' (groups of 2-10 people) who can commit to giving over the course of five years. When that time is up, each of the programmes is designed to be self-sustaining, which allows us to move on to seed further programmes.

Beyond these three current priorities, we continue to prioritise business training and mentoring for all members, encouraging savings schemes, responsible lending, and making sure that expansion into new towns or districts is well planned and funded.

Where to next?

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