Our Guiding Principles

We are a Christian micro-enterprise development organisation, motivated by God’s love to enable holistic transformation that empowers the enterprising poor to liberate their families from poverty. Our services include capacity development services, training, and funding for program infrastructure for group-based savings and entrepreneurship programs.

  • We are committed to serving the poorest and most marginalized communities, otherwise underserved by the commercial microfinance industry, to achieve real and lasting holistic, social impact in the lives our clients and their families.

  • We focus on opportunities to establish replicable programs that can become self-sustaining and achieve meaningful scale.

  • We work through collaborative relationships with other development partners who share the same Christian motivations and foundation, and who are recommended to us by and/or are in partnership with an Anglican Province or Diocese in the areas where we work.

  • We are committed to excellence in our work and relationships with our partners, to honesty and transparency, sound stewardship, client protection and social responsibility.

  • We, provide financial services to the poor regardless of ethnicity, political affiliation or religion. We do not use our services or our influence as incentives to conversion. We believe this is unethical and dishonouring to people as well as to God. We do not use our faith as a ‘dividing line’ in the communities where we work (e.g., providing better loan terms or larger loan sizes based on client’s faith).

  • We are transparent about our Christian identity in our communication with all of our stakeholders incl. governments, donors, clients and partners.

  • We support partner organisations in their decision to hire indigenous staff. We treat all staff and volunteers, regardless of faith, race, ethnicity or culture with dignity, and grant them the equal professional development opportunities appropriate for their position.

  • We expect our senior leaders to be highly professional and competent and we desire to see spiritual maturity, reflecting Christ-like values in their life and work.

  • We recognise the sensitivities and challenges partners have in contexts of great poverty and where other world religions are in the majority. Each partner will therefore have their own strategy for the appropriate and effective expression of their Christian motivation in their own context.


Strategic Priorities

  1. Growth - Because we know what we do works, and the need is immense.

  2. One Five Talents - Because working as one enhances programme quality, operational efficiency and fund-raising potential.

  3. Accelerate capacity in implementing partners - Because locally-owned solutions, both programme management and fundraising, are more sustainable.

  4. Tell the world! - Because we need more champions to support us, and we can inspire others to replicate our success.