From Start to Sustainability

Working through local partners, we support members to gain the skills, knowledge and tools to move beyond poverty. Our programmes build capacity through financial literacy and business skills training, and support the establishment of financial services that our communities would otherwise not have access to. Unlike most microfinance programmes, the Five Talents’ model is savings-led: our members self-capitalise within Trust Groups and from their own cumulative savings, make loans to one-another.

Trust Groups are community-led and sustainable. Groups elect their own Board and set their own rules (including interest rates for loans). Interest is returned to the Group’s cumulative savings and shared as dividends to members at the end of the year. Our model has proven to be more cost-effective than traditional credit-led microfinance models since we do not provide any loan capital and, after 2-3 years of training and support, Groups can operate alone. By empowering members through education and training, Five Talents is enabling individuals to mobilise and take ownership over their own finances and earning potential.

You can learn more in our Start to Sustainability pack here.

The Five Talents Model

All of our programmes are designed by our partners and adapted to the local needs, but each follows a basic model that has been developed over the past ten years. 

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