Why do we run these trips?

Five Talents strongly believes that one of the most important things our programmes give to their clients is dignity. Those we work with have often had to rely on government handouts in the past, struggling to find enough food to feed their families. Our programmes work with the trust and small pocket of money that exist in the the local community to help them grow small businesses meaning that they can work their own way out of poverty.

The aim of these visits is not so much to help the poor or transform the lives of those we meet directly. Instead we seek to learn from these communities and our partners. Our presence alone is often a real encouragement. Many previous visitors describe their visit as having a big impression on them and we hope that if you choose to join us, the trip will be as significant for you too. 

Each trip will cost around £1,900 although at least 30% of this will go as a donation to the work of Five Talents. 

What will I see?

You’ll have the opportunity to meet some of the 15,000 people supported by our programmes in East Africa, find out more about the businesses they run and how our partners have supported them. These are inspiring stories of people working together in seemingly hopeless situations to grow their businesses and support themselves and their families. You’ll also spend time with the staff finding out what is involved in the day to day running of the programme as well as some of the challenges they face working in often remote, challenging situations.

If you’re interested in joining a trip or to finding out more email Hannah at hannah.wichmann@fivetalents.org.uk


Five Talents has been working in Kenya for ten years, supporting our three partners in Thika, Nakuru and Embu. There are around 4.7 million people in Kenya who have no access to financial services and this is highest in rural areas which is where our partners focus their work. You can find out more about the programme in Kenya here.

During your visit to Kenya you’ll be able to meet at least two of our partners in Thika and then either Embu or Nakuru. There will be an opportunity to find out more about how the programme works, see the new Musoni system in action and of course, meet the clients and their businesses.

As with all trips, there will be at least one Five Talents staff members who will ensure that you see as much as possible in your short visit. In Thika we’ll stay at a hotel which is basic but has been used by groups on many previous trips. From Thika, we’ll then drive several hours to visit our partners in either Nakuru or Embu.

Our next trip to Kenya will take place in early November 2016. We expect that the trip will cost around £1,800-1,900.