International impact

Over the past decade, Five Talents UK has invested £1.3m in grants across programmes in Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo and Uganda. The generosity of our donors has allowed us to establish Trust Groups, provide our members with business training, and implement financial infrastructure in some of the world’s most marginalised communities. 

By the end of 2020, we aim to reach 100,000 members and through the impact on their lives, their dependents, and their local communities, bring benefit to over half a million individuals. To reach this figure, we’ll need to accelerate our current rate of growth, and for that we need your help. Read our latest Impact Report, which is themed around the topic of momentum. 

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Where it all started

In 2006 Five Talents UK opened its first programme in Kenya in a district called Thika, north-east of the capital Nairobi. At the end of our first year in Thika, the average savings per member was £39. Since then we have opened 2 new diocesan programmes in Embu and Nakuru. By the end of 2014, the average savings per member was £180. This four-fold increase in savings represents a real safety net for vulnerable people with no access to free healthcare or state support of any kind.

With the lessons learnt in Kenya, Five Talents UK went on to open a number of programmes in Tanzania, and Karamoja, Uganda. We have also started a programme in Aru, DR Congo.

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Across our programmes in Kenya, Tanzania, DR Congo and Uganda, our UK branch has invested £1.3 million in grants since 2006. This has enabled our local partners to mobilise £1.6 million in members’ savings which has led to a current active loan portfolio of £1.8 million.

Cumulatively since 2006, our members have taken almost £10m of loans. Find out more about the type of microfinance, group savings and loans, and training we provide, by clicking here.

Plans for the future

In 2019 Five Talents plans to continue expanding with new Ugandan and DR Congo programmes, as well beginning brand new programmes in new regions of Kenya. 

We will also continue to introduce the Musoni systems to our programmes in Kenya. This mobile money technology will enable our members to record their savings and loans much more efficiently and safely. It will also mean that we more easily measure our social impact too. To maintain this momentum, we need your help.

An international presence

Five Talents UK has a sister organisation in the US with which we share knowledge, resources and funds. As an international organisation, Five Talents has programmes in conflict and post-conflict regions of Burundi, South Sudan and, very recently, Myanmar.

The programmes in Burundi and South Sudan have served almost 50,000 members who are affected by the area's ongoing insecurity.

Where to next?

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