Client Story: Carol from Maai Mahiu, Kenya

This blog post was written by our Creative Communications & Events Officer Megan Henderson, from stories collected earlier in the year.

Carol is the secretary of our Trust Group in Maai Mahiu, Kenya. She has received the largest loan of the group, worth 400,000 Ksh. Carol decided to use the loan to build a kindergarten in her community. The school was opened in January 2018 and has 43 students and employs 10 staff members from the local community. Carol was delighted to share her school with us; she is incredibly grateful. Without the support of her Savings Group and the training she received through our programme, Carol would not have been able to build the school and help the community.


Carol told our team that she hopes that Five Talents continues to grow and serve the other members of her community. In the future she would like to take out a loan to expand the kindergarten for primary (and even secondary one day!) age children to attend school and also to buy a bus, making commutes easier for children and their families. The school is covered in bright colours, and radiates joy from the students and staff, though there are heavy, secure gates around the outside. Microfinance made the school possible, but Carol’s bright idea and creative eye makes the school a beacon to the community.

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